Uses for rotten flesh in Minecraft


Uses for rotten flesh in Minecraft

Minecraft is home to a lot of mobs. Each mob that is killed drops a different item. Many drops are only available to their parent mobs. Animals such as Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Sheep and Chickens can drop their meat. Skeletons can drop bows and arrows and Creepers can drop gunpowder. Each drop has its own purpose, be it for building, healing, combat or healing, and each one can be used in a different way.

Rotten flesh is an uncommon drop for the undead mobs. Although many players may discard this item, others might not realize that there are some uses for it. This article explains the various uses of rotten flesh within Minecraft.

Minecraft players must know about Rotten Flesh

Obtaining Rotten Flesh

Rotten flesh is only available to undead mobs. These include Zombies, Husks, Drowned, zombie villagers, zombified piglins, zombie horses, and zoglins. When killed, Husks and Zombies, Drowned and Zombie villagers, as well as zombie horses, drop between 0 to 2 pieces of rotten flesh. The undead mobs that live in the Nether, which include zombified piglins or zoglins drop between 1-3 and 1 rotten flesh, respectively.

You can also randomly catch rotten flesh by fishing.

Uses for Rotten Flesh

Rotten flesh can be used in many ways, even though it may not seem so. Most commonly, it is used to replenish your health. It has a 80% chance to give a player the “hunger status effect”, but it can restore 4 hunger and 0.8 saturation. It is a viable food item that can be used in an emergency.

Use for Wolves

Wolves can be healed by eating rotten flesh after they have been injured. They can eat rotten meat without any negative effects, unlike players. It can also be used for breeding them, which can increase the rate of growth by 10%.


Trading can also be made possible by rotten flesh. Emeralds can be obtained by trading them with a novice-level priest. The currency of Minecraft is the emerald. They are used to trade villager goods for better gear and other resources.

Progresses and Achievements

Minecraft: Java Edition: Eating rotten flesh leads to two advancements: “Husbandry” and “A Balanced Diet.”

On the PS4 and Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, eating rotten flesh contributes to the achievement “Iron Belly”.

Although many items in Minecraft seem insignificant at first glance, they can be very useful for players, especially those in the early stages. Rotten flesh is one such example.