Minecraft wither guide


Minecraft wither guide

Minecraft's mobs are one of its most important features. There are many mobs in Minecraft. Most can be found by the player during their journey. However, some are more difficult to find and must be summoned. The Wither is one of these mobs.

Vanilla Minecraft has only one boss mob, the wither. The Ender Dragon can only be summoned or constructed by the player. This mob can be defeated using the default method of attacking it with a bow, and then evading its attacks.

Other methods, however, have been suggested by the community and are more efficient. These methods will help you defeat the Wither Boss Mob in Minecraft 1.18.

1) Eventlesstew's method

The player must start by trying to avoid being hurt by the explosion of the wither. Next, wait for the mob's start to chase the player. After this, they can just sit down and continue eating golden apples.

The Netherite armor and the golden apples combined will make it possible for the player to resist the wither's attacks. The mob can also take damage from its attacks. To deal more damage, players can use the “Smite”, sword to finish the wither in 2 minutes.

2) Noob Plays Games's Method

This method requires the player to search for a cave that has a dead end in order to use it. To spawn an abundance of iron golems, you will need to use the iron blocks.

Next, you need to create the wither from the crowd of irongolems. This will prevent the initial explosion. It will be killed by the golems in 15 seconds, while the player can keep it safe.

3) Tutorial by YouTuber J4kefradz

To make this method work, the player must defeat the Ender Dragon. To begin, they must face west and go to the exit portal. Next, the player must dig a 5×5 area underneath the exit portal at a height 3 blocks.

The tutorial will instruct you to place the wither skulls, soul sand and obsidian. Players can then spawn the wither, kill it and lock it in the bedrock (which it is unable to break).

The Wither is a powerful enemy. It has the highest health of all mobs in Minecraft. It is recommended that players are fully dressed in enchanted, netherite, and diamond armor.