Getting redstone dust in Minecraft


Getting redstone dust in Minecraft

Redstone has been a key tool in every Minecraft player's arsenal over the years. Redstone is one of the most versatile tools in Minecraft and allows builders to do things previously unimaginable or too difficult.

It is important to have it handy so crafters can build any automated creations without worrying about whether they will be able to. Redstone is the key to making everything work, from automatic sugarcane farms and hidden chests to automated doors and hidden cabinets.

It can be difficult to collect it, however. Although it is easy to find, the bulk of it drops from ore. These are the different ways that players can obtain redstone dust in Minecraft.

Redstone dust locations in Minecraft 1.18

Redstone dust can be obtained by mining it. The best level to mine redstone dust is between Y levels 63 and 15. You can generate ores up to 10 blocks.

One ore of redstone may produce four to five drops of redstone dust if it is mined using an iron pickaxe or better. Fortune III is the highest level, with an average of six ore per ore.

A vein of 10 will most likely give you a stack of redstone dust. Although this is the easiest place to get lots of redstone, it's not necessarily the best.

To deter anyone from entering Jungle Temples, redstone contraptions are set up. These contraptions run on redstone so players can mine for the redstone dust. There will be approximately 15 pieces of dust.

You can also find five pieces of redstone dust in Woodland Mansions, located in the prison cell room. Redstone dust will be available for crafters when Ancient Cities are updated to 1.19.

The chance for witches to drop up to two redstone dust upon their death is increased by each level in Looting. You can also find the item in loot chests that have different spawn rates.

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These chests can quickly accumulate redstone. These methods are reliable and easy ways to quickly get redstone in Minecraft 1.18.