Frostwalker enchantment guide


Frostwalker enchantment guide

Frost Walker is an enchantment that can be used in Minecraft. You can apply it to boots but not to those that have been enchanted already with Depth Strider. These enchantments cannot be combined. It cannot be used on any other armor or weapon.

Frost Walker Enchantment allows players to walk on water. These boots will allow players to form ice when they step on water. However, they will not be allowed to touch any water body as it will freeze at the first touch. This is how you can get the enchantment in Minecraft.

Frost Walker also makes it immune to campfires and magma blocks when worn. You can choose to make it level I or II. This will increase the radius of ice around the player.

This enchantment is not available in a single way. This enchantment can only be acquired by using other enchantments, which can sometimes seem quite random.

It can also be manually enchanted. You will need books, lapis li, an enchantment board, and possibly a lot of experience. Having XP level 30 or more opens Minecraft players up for all three enchantments on the table. As long as the bookhelves are sufficient.

You can cycle through all the enchantments until you find the one you are looking for. However, this could take some time and cost you a lot of XP. Although it is possible to trade with librarian villagers, it can be a good way to obtain enchanted books. However, it will cost a lot in emeralds. You can alter the trades by breaking or replacing the lecturn until you get the desired trade.

It can also be obtained by looting. Although fishing can yield enchanted books it is very unlikely that a specific book will be caught. There are up to two libraries in strongholds that contain enchanted books. These books are also less likely to be Frost Walker. However, it is cheaper than buying them from a villager or cycling through the enchantment tables.

It takes a lot of luck to find the book Minecraft players are looking for, even if you have to change villager trades.