Finding a mending villager in Minecraft


Finding a mending villager in Minecraft

Many consider Librarians to be the best Minecraft villager because they regularly offer rare items.

They trade paper and other easily obtained items for enchanted books. Sometimes, they have three books.

Mending is a great enchanted book and can be used for nearly all items. It's a highly desired artifact in Minecraft. It is unlikely that you will find it in a loot box or fishing, so it's a big win for Minecraft players to trade it.

How to get a villager in Minecraft to sell mending book

It is all about trial and error. Although they can be found in villages and towns, it is much easier to handle them in a small area.

The villager(s), once confined, will take the first job block available. Players should make sure there are no nearby. A lecture is required to convert them into librarians.

A bed is also a great asset, as they can rest and restock their trades after they are done.

Four wooden slabs are used to create a lecturn. The item should be placed next to the villager. Click on the item to check its trade. You can also determine if it is a book.

Trade is the only way to get all books, so your chances of finding Mending I are low. Players must exit if a book or bookshelf is not Mending I.

Then, go through the whole process again by placing the lecturn and verifying. Players should realize that the Mending I trade price can be high once they have arrived.

You can repeat the process until you get Mending I at a lower price. However, it could take quite a while. The best option is the first.

Minecraft players have two options to lock in the Mending I trade once they find it: trading for the book, which costs emeralds, and a regular book, or trading for the paper for an (usually 26 pieces) emerald. This will lock in the trade, making it available until the villager becomes alive.