Best mods to turn your Minecraft into a shooter game


Best mods to turn your Minecraft into a shooter game

Minecraft is well-known for its large modding community. Minecraft was released in 2011 and hundreds of mods have been made. Some add new mechanics to Spiderman's swing, while others add mobs like Giraffes and Crocodiles to the game.

Many mods add fauna and flora to Minecraft, but some mods want to go deeper into the creative waters by adding guns or weapons. Many mods that deal with guns have been created over the years for Minecraft. Here are five of the most popular.

Top 5 Minecraft mods that add guns into the game

5) HWG Mod

The Happiness mod adds many types to Minecraft's arsenal. It is also known as a Warm Gun (or HWG Mod). This mod adds a gun table that can be used to craft many types of guns, if you have the necessary materials. The game adds guns such as the AK-47 and Grenade Launchers to allow for survival. A mod adds a villager or NPC named the Gunsmith to the game. This helps the player craft and upgrade all their weapons.

4) Vic's Modern Warfare MOD

This mod adds extremely detailed gun models to the game. There are many guns available, including M4s and Kalashnikovs as well as RPGs. To help players use the mod's guns and equipment, a gun manual has been added. Gun magazines can be used separately from the weapon and all guns are 3D-modelled.

3) Techguns

This mod adds tons of guns to the game. You can create custom animations and effects for the guns. It includes guns as well as armor sets, night vision glasses, jetpacks, and a new customization table.

2) Blockfront Mod

The Blockfront Mod is a major change in Minecraft. The mod makes Minecraft World War 2 themed and adds weapons from the WW2 period. The game also adds new blocks and vehicles to the game. You can find banners and blocks with flags from World War 2 and vehicles such as trucks. A great addition to this mob are posters from World War II era.

1) Flytre's Gun Mod

This mod adds more than 15 gun models to the game. These include shotguns and assault rifles. The mod adds a new workbench to craft and upgrade guns and allows customizations to be made to the weapons. Scopes and a custom HUD are two additional features of this mod.

In a game such as Minecraft, where bows and swords are the dominant weapons of choice, adding guns can be a refreshing breath of air and a lot more fun. This modding area will continue to grow with the constant creation of gun mods for Minecraft.