Getting redstone dust in Minecraft

Redstone has been a key tool in every Minecraft player’s arsenal over the years. Redstone is one of the most versatile tools in Minecraft and allows builders to do things previously unimaginable or too difficult. It is important to have it handy so crafters can build any automated creations without worrying about whether they will be … Read more

Finding a mending villager in Minecraft

Many consider Librarians to be the best Minecraft villager because they regularly offer rare items. They trade paper and other easily obtained items for enchanted books. Sometimes, they have three books. Mending is a great enchanted book and can be used for nearly all items. It’s a highly desired artifact in Minecraft. It is unlikely that … Read more

Uses for rotten flesh in Minecraft

Minecraft is home to a lot of mobs. Each mob that is killed drops a different item. Many drops are only available to their parent mobs. Animals such as Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Sheep and Chickens can drop their meat. Skeletons can drop bows and arrows and Creepers can drop gunpowder. Each drop has its own purpose, be it for … Read more

Best mods to turn your Minecraft into a shooter game

Minecraft is well-known for its large modding community. Minecraft was released in 2011 and hundreds of mods have been made. Some add new mechanics to Spiderman’s swing, while others add mobs like Giraffes and Crocodiles to the game. Many mods add fauna and flora to Minecraft, but some mods want to go deeper into the creative waters … Read more

Frostwalker enchantment guide

Frost Walker is an enchantment that can be used in Minecraft. You can apply it to boots but not to those that have been enchanted already with Depth Strider. These enchantments cannot be combined. It cannot be used on any other armor or weapon. Frost Walker Enchantment allows players to walk on water.┬áThese boots will allow players … Read more

Minecraft wither guide

Minecraft’s mobs are one of its most important features. There are many mobs in Minecraft. Most can be found by the player during their journey. However, some are more difficult to find and must be summoned. The Wither is one of these mobs. Vanilla Minecraft has only one boss mob, the wither. The Ender Dragon can only be summoned … Read more

Top 5 best factions servers in Minecraft

Minecraft factions servers is one of the most popular and classic multiplayer game modes. These servers allow players to not only survive with their friends, but also fight against other factions to take over their land. There are many Factions Servers, each with its own rules and goals. Players should choose one that interests them before they … Read more

Best uses for dispense blocks

A dispenser is a useful Minecraft block that can be used alone or in conjunction with redstone machinery. It ejects items from its inventory to provide them. Dispensers can be used for many purposes, even though they may look simple in Minecraft. The dispenser will release an item when activated by a redstone signal, which can … Read more

Bedwars servers

Bedwars is a popular game mode in which players aim to destroy other players’ beds. Players can continue to come back to life until their bed is destroyed. Therefore, players must protect their bed. This gamemode is available on a few servers, some of which can be found here. This type of protection can also … Read more

PVP in Minecraft

Minecraft PvP is a long-standing feature of the game that has been incredibly popular. The best Minecraft PvP servers attract tens to thousands of players every day. Mojang, Minecraft’s creator, changed the core PvP tactics in the 1.9 update. However, the majority of Minecraft PvP players still use the legacy 1.8 PvP combat methods. The … Read more