Bedwars servers

Bedwars is a popular game mode in which players aim to destroy other players’ beds. Players can continue to come back to life until their bed is destroyed. Therefore, players must protect their bed. This gamemode is available on a few servers, some of which can be found here. This type of protection can also … Read more

PVP in Minecraft

Minecraft PvP is a long-standing feature of the game that has been incredibly popular. The best Minecraft PvP servers attract tens to thousands of players every day. Mojang, Minecraft’s creator, changed the core PvP tactics in the 1.9 update. However, the majority of Minecraft PvP players still use the legacy 1.8 PvP combat methods. The … Read more

Best Minecraft servers

What is a Minecraft Server? A Minecraft server can be either a player-owned, or a business-owned platform. It allows Minecraft players to interact with each other online or through a local area network. This basically transforms the single-player sandbox into a multiplayer experience that users can enjoy around the globe. To make Minecraft servers more … Read more